Design Your Bathroom Christmas Decorating: Create A Lifelike Santa In Your Bathroom


If you value to visit full-scale together with your Christmas decorating, this is a unique, original idea for the bathroom:

Materials needed:

White-colored shower curtain, canvas, or fabric (a brand new canvas drop cloth is effective)

Shower curtain liner (to safeguard curtain from moisture)


Permanent black marker, preferably a thick one

Paint pens


Fiberfill or cotton balls

Santa hat

Black felt (about one meter)

2 red hands towels or red fabric

*If you’re able to draw, you might not require the projector. If you’re not artistically inclined, and don’t already possess a projector, try to borrow one.

Let us get began!

If you are using fabric rather of the shower curtain, you will need to allow it to be standard shower curtain size, that is about 72″ x 72″. Cut the material 73″ x 73″, fold both sides more than one 1 / 2 inch, press into position, and hem both sides to create smooth edges. Purchase plastic rings (usually found close to the curtain rods) and stitch them to the peak for shower curtain rings. If you do not curently have another fishing rod, get a tension fishing rod. They’re affordable and straightforward to set up.

The next thing is locating a great picture of Santa Clause. Try looking in coloring books, storybooks, or online. Once you discover an image you want, mess it up on the projector until Santa looks existence-sized. Hang the material or shower curtain on your wall or perhaps a door with thumbtacks or straight pins, and project the look about it. Santa’s knees ought to be about 6″ from the foot of the shower curtain. Visit your legs and don’t draw all of those other legs (you will notice why later).Christmas photo

Next, trace the look having a permanent black marker (put paper under the surface to help keep marker from seeping through). Complete the facts for Santa’s face along with other intricate areas using the paint pens. Complete his suit with paint. Nearly any type of paint is going to do, but craft paint may be the least costly.

To create a 3 dimensional effect, use fiberfill or extended out cotton balls for Santa’s hair and beard. Apply with regular school glue or use fabric glue. Make use of a real Santa hat rather of painting one. These are available at dollar stores and discount stores for hardly any money. Simply stitch the hat to the curtain in the backside, or attach it with fabric glue.

Add a bit of black felt for Santa’s belt. A genuine buckle constitutes a nice touch. You are able to remove a buckle from your old belt that you will no longer put on and thread the felt through it, or buy a used belt in a thrift store and just take away the buckle for doing things with this project. Stitch the felt into position or apply with fabric glue.

Hang the curtain and tuck the underside edge within the tub. Santa’s knees should fall into line carefully using the fringe of the bathtub.

Here’s the truly fun part: Fold the red towels in two lengthwise and stitch or glue the edges together. If using fabric, cut to how big regular hands towels (not finger towels) and proceed as directed above. Next, arrange the towels so the attached edges are in the centre rather of across the side then press into position having a warm iron. This seam should face the shower curtain therefore it will not show. Stitch or glue the towels to Santa’s knees. Santa presently has three-dimensional legs that swing once the curtain moves!

Christmas photo

Make mittens and boots in the leftover black felt. Attach the mittens towards the curtain and also the boots towards the towels. Another neat idea would be to set boots outdoors the bathtub and tuck the “legs” in to the boots. This looks terrific and helps make the effect much more dimensional. This concept is better utilized in the guest bathroom or at the time clients are coming, after everybody has showered, if utilized in the primary bathroom (otherwise, you will need to move a pair of boots every time the bathtub is required).

To create your shower curtain much more festive, wrap small empty boxes to appear like gifts and fix these to the curtain, or sew on small plastic ornaments or chocolate canes. Just use fantasy.

This can be a fun, yet quite simple project to accomplish, and you’ll get plenty of compliments about this unique, unique decorating idea.

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