What are the best plants for balcony


In case your space for plants is small , restricted to a balcony or terrace, we offer a summary of species that are perfect for that place. With respect to the sunlight that falls on the balconies can grow a plant or any other, therefore we should be mindful towards the conditions when selecting . Should you question do you know the best plants for that balcony, our beautiful selection includes hydrangeas, petunias, geraniums and daisies out. From are in possession of an outdoor in your floor can be done!

HydrangeasPetunias photo

This plant produces beautiful pink flowers, blue or white-colored from spring to fall, with respect to the pH you will find the floor. So you should plant in acidity soils having a pH of four.5 of these are blue. Also, to become born pink soil ought to be alkaline, having a pH of 6. And when white-colored flowers are down must have a greater alkalinity, hovering an amount 8.

For his care, this plant requires lots of moisture on the floor and become compensated frequently during flowering. Regarding experience the balcony, it ought to be put into the colour tone, sheltered in the sun.

GeraniosPetunias photo

Another ideal for your balcony floor may be the geranium . They require regular watering within the substrate, avoid wetting the flowers. For colors, there’s a variety including white-colored, salmon and red. Also, the payment will be made ??every two days, preferably throughout the growth process, to stimulate the introduction of flowers. The advantages of light varies with respect to the species, as some shade while some need many hrs regarding.

PetuniasPetunias photo

Petunias have to be watered daily and abundantly within the flowering stage. It ought to be prevented around wet watering flowers within the hrs of greater solar intensity. However, we have to pay it a phosphorus-that contains fertilizer every two days during flowering.

Cape DaisyCape Daisy photo

Initially from Africa, the Iberian climate is fantastic for this sturdy plant that will reach even withstand the salt present in seaside areas. However, in cold temperature they must be shielded from frost since the soil with pine bark or straw. These daisies out only when it’s fully open enough sun.

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